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Emergency Services Training
Sponsored by the Shawnee Composite Squadron
Brookport, IL and Bell Smith Springs State Park
25-26 February 2012
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GROUP 1 Locates another Non-Distress ELT
An airborne report of a 121.5MHz ELT was
Initially believed to be near Sparta, IL and found in Perryville, MO

A Group 1 Air crew directed 2 Ground Teams, one from the 286th Composite & Scott Composite Squadrons and one from the Metropolis Composite Squadron to the Perryville, MO area, where they made the FIND in an EMS Helicopter in it's hanger.



Group 1 Disaster Relief Exercise\Training
St. Louis Regional Airport
Bethalto, IL
30 April 2011 - 1 May 2011
Photos by: Lt Col's Paul Hertel, Randy Mitchell, and Ted E. Lohr,
Capt Dave Phillip, 1st LT's Lee French and Tim Lipham

Group 1 hosted a disaster relief exercise this last weekend.

We flew 6 sorties for photo recon and simulated damage assessment along with testing the communication capabilities in southern Illinois.

There was also classroom and field training for ground damage assessment taught by Capt Brown.

Thanks again to everyone who made this weekend happen!
Proud to serve with you all!!

Lt Col Michael Mouw, Group 1 Commander

Mission Base Personnel

Ground Teams conduct Disaster Damage Assessment



Group 1 Winter Emergency Services Training
Washington County Conservation Area
(Illinois Department of Natural Resources)
Near Nashville, IL
18 December 2010
Photos by: 1st LT Matt Brown




286th Composite Squadron, Change of Command
St Louis Regional Airport, Bethalto, IL.
15 November



2 Wright Brothers Awards
286th Composite Squadron
St Louis Regional Airport, Bethalto, IL.
15 November


Scott AFB Airshow
Scott AFB, Belleville, IL.
11-12 September



Group 1 Cadet Orientation Flights
St Louis Downtown (Parks) Airport, Cahokia, IL.
May 2010


Illinois Wing Glider comes to Group 1
Highland-Winet Airport , Highland, IL
  27 April 2010


Operation Piasa
Austere Condition Field Training Exercise (FTX)
Operational Readiness Exercise
Pere Marquette State Park, Grafton, IL
 23-25 April 2010



2010 Great Lakes Region
Emergency Services and Operations Conference
Grissom ARB, IN (Kokomo, IN)
 March 2010


Scott Composite Squadron Hosted a
SkyWarn Severe Weather Spotters Course
Instructed by the St Louis, MO Office
of the National Weather Service
Scott AFB, IL
10 March 2010


2010 Group 1 Dining Out


ELT Mission
Airborne Report Near Vandalia, IL
3 February 2010

CAP 1121 departing KALN

IL Wing ground teams from Williamson County Comp Sq and Scott Comp Sq found and silenced an ELT at Vandalia Municipal Airport.  They were assisted by an aircrew from Alton (KALN) flying a DF equipped Cessna 182.

The active ELT was traced to a Mooney aircraft parked inside of a hangar.  The owner gave permission for the FBO to enter the aircraft and silence the radio.

 It took ground team members, using hand-held DF equipment, only 15 minutes from the time they first heard the ELT until the time is was located in the hangar. In total, approximately four hours elapsed from the time of the first mission notification until the ELT was found and silenced.

A low-flying helicopter reported hearing the ELT signal from 2 miles away from the Vandalia Airport.  The airport FBO cannot hear the signal from his office on the flight line. The IL Wing has activated CAP 1121 (a C-182T) from Alton (KALN), a ground team from Scott Composite Squadron and a UFD team from Benton.  All are enroute to the scene.


Model Rocket Launch Day
Near Godfrey, IL
March 2009


Emergency Services Exercise\Training
St Louis Regional Airport
23 January 2009


Illinois Wing Assists Kentucky Wing
with Ice Storm Disaster Relief Mission
26 Western Kentucky Counties were Declared Federal Disaster Areas
KYWG, ILWG, INWG, & OHWG were involved
1 February 2009 -  7 February 2009


ELT Mission
Southern Illinois Airport
Carbondale, IL.
26 January 2009

Last 121.5 SARSAT Mission in Illinois



Group 1 Marion Training Mission
14-16 November 2008



Orientation Flight and Flightline Training
at St Louis Regional airport
 17 August 2008


Quincy DR Mission
6 July 2008 - 8 July 2008


SAR-X - Marion, Illinois
1-2 March 2008


Camp Curry - Scott AFB, Illinois
22-24 February 2008

Basic Cadets in class


Basic Cadets - Drill & Ceremony's


Airman Leadership School (ALS) - Drilling


Morning PT


ALS - Drill & Ceremony's


ALS classes


Camp Curry Support Staff


ELT Mission - Litchfield, Illinois
Aircraft (Crash) - FIND
9 February 2008

Thanks to Missouri Wing for the help on this Mission from their Aircrew
1 ILWG Aircraft, 1 MOWG Aircraft, & 2 ILWG Teams

one of two missions for Group 1 on the same day

Article and Photos by: Lt Col Ted E. Lohr
 9 February 2008
 It was a busy day for Southern Illinois Wing Units.

 For the second time, an Illinois Wing, Group 1, Emergency Services training weekend held at the Scott Composite Squadron, Scott Air Force Base, turned into the real thing.  

 Training was underway Saturday morning when the alert was sounded. IC Major Danny Degott deployed 15 Cadets and Officers from the Scott AFB training and two from the 286th Composite Squadron in Alton.

 AFRCC advised the SARSAT coordinance were near Vandalia and Litchfield. The teams were divided and sent both ways. One ILWG and one MOWG Aircraft were launched.

The team that arrived in the Litchfield and was receiving a weak ELT signal, a ramp check was conducted at the local airport with no results.

 During our Direction Finding Operations, 2d LT Kelly Sies a Letter Carrier by day, from Litchfield, advised that an aircraft had crash landed in a farm field north of Litchfield on Friday afternoon.

 The team advised the Air Crews and headed in that direction. Ground teams and air units converged on the scene at almost the same time.

 Teams arrived at the scene to find a Cessna 172 RG on its top in a Very wet plowed farm field; no one was in the aircraft. Ground Team leaders set up a perimeter around the scene and called the IC for permission to enter the aircraft.

 The IC contacted the Aircraft owner and they sent a Key holder. The ELT was deactivated and DF units doubled checked it was silenced.

 All units were released and returned to Base to refit and rehab.

 As if that wasn’t a full day. Shortly after units got back to base, The IC Major Danny Degott called back and advised that there was a second ELT mission with coordinance near Vandalia.

 The Team was deployed again. They arrived at Vandalia with no signal; they proceeded to Effingham per IC’s instructions and detected a very low ELT signal. Shortly after that the signal was undetectable. They search the area until the IC advised to return to base.

 Upon return to Scott AFB after 23:30, a debrief was conducted. The training continued Sunday morning. All attendees continued training to refine their skills and re-emphasize what they had already learned and put into practice the day before.

 Squadrons Attending the Group 1 ES Training Weekend:

Scott Composite Squadron GLR-IL-205

Jefferson Composite Squadron GLR-IL-338

Metropolis Composite Squadron GLR-IL-330

Williamson County Composite Squadron GLR-IL-061


REDCAP Mission - Benton, Illinois
Overdue Aircraft (Crash) - FIND
30 November 2007 - 2 December 2007

Illinois Wing (ILWG) & Indiana Wing (INWG)
Thanks to Indiana Wing for the great help on this Mission

CAP Communications Trailer


2d LT Bunny Sies working Admin.


Capt John Brendel  - Safety Officer


Lt Col Paul Hertel - Mission Public Information Officer (PIO)


Maj Kelly Robertson & IC Lt Col Rick Oeth


IC Lt Col Rick Oeth & Planning Section Chief Capt Jeremy Hendricks


Member checking out the status board


Chaplain (MAJ) J. Boozer, 1st LT C. Creades (INWG), Lt Col J. Bryan (INWG), Lt Col P. Hertel


Scott AFB Airfest
7 - 8 July 2007


Civil Air Patrol At the Scott Airfest
Scott Air Force Base will be hosting Airfest 2007, July 7 and 8. The base has asked for 20 volunteers
from Civil Air Patrol. CAP has been tasked with assisting with flight line crowd control and handing out Air Show programs at the Entry control point. In addition, there will be a CAP information table set up, along with our Cessna 182T NAV III “Glass Cockpit”, in Hanger 1, next to the B-2 Stealth Bomber.

We will begin this operation the evening of July 7 and have overnight accommodations available in
the Scott Composite Squadron area. Scott Composite Squadron has moved to a new location. The
Scott AFB Chapel 2 Annex (Building 5713) is the our new Headquarters.


26 May 2007
Civil Air Patrol Cadets Fly over Southwestern Illinois

Article by: Lt Col Ted E. Lohr and Lt Col Paul Hertel
Photos by: Lt Col Ted E. Lohr

Ten Group 19 Cadets from the Scott Composite Squadron based at Scott AFB and 286th. Composite Squadron based at St. Louis Regional Airport took to the sky on Saturday 26 May 2007 from St. Louis Regional Airport, Bethalto, IL., nine of them for their very first Orientation flight.

Orientation Pilot Maj Norm Morrisette talked the cadets through the Civil Air Patrol orientation flight syllabus. Group 19 Cadet Orientation Flight Coordinator Maj Brian Porter provided scheduling and oversight for this activity as well as instructing a class on the basic principals of flight and air traffic patterns.

Twelve CAP Officers were present to assist with flight operations and instruction in radio communications. Several Cadets had Family members in attendance to watch and take photos.

Group 19 Commander Lt Col Paul Hertel was on hand to congratulate all of the Cadets for their accomplishments.

Group 19 thanks the St Louis Regional Airport for their continued support of the Civil Air Patrol and the organizations programs.

1st LT Bruce Brunkow  talks with Cadets and answers questions about aircraft and being a pilot

(L) Lt Col Paul Hertel
(R) Maj Brian "Irish" Porter "Air Boss"

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